Moving Out And Moving On

Well, no, not me (yet). This past Saturday we helped my little brother move out and back up towards his college campus, where he will be starting his senior year. And this Thursday my little sister, the baby of my big family, will be starting her first year of college some several hours away. This week has been full of packing, cleaning, taking inventory, swapping clothes and furniture, doing last minute summer painting and moving rooms around in the house to prepare for winter. My little sister and I have been feverishly attempting to finish the Chinese historical drama that we had started together (‘Perfect Couple’, if you’re wondering) so that we don’t leave anything unfinished. My little brother left earlier than anticipated because his girlfriend, bless her heart, was coming in early and he is so, so excited to see her.

It’s been weird, all this change and preparation for change. Even as all of this is happening to ‘other people’, plans are in place for me and my significant other to purchase our own first home by Christmas, and put everyone through the process of moving out and moving on all over again. I guess this is the first time in my family that this kind of thing is happening to everyone, and not one-at-a-time. We knew it was going to happen at some point- besides me and my next-older brother, every kid in my family is only two years apart in age (while me and my next-older brother are four years apart). At some point our life-changes were all going to clash, and its going to happen again- with current plans, it’s likely that my little brother moving out of state to pursue med school will either come right before or right after me getting married.

It’s not the way you think about ‘growing up’ as a kid. There’s always this idea that growing up will happen to you, and only you. We forget that our sisters and brothers are growing too, that our parents are still growing and will have their own changes even while we are still trying to figure ours out. Barely do we have time to figure out our own moves than someone else needs our help with their moves, and before we have the time to process what those moves mean, someone else is making another one. I don’t really think it will hit me that my baby sister is going off to college for another couple of weeks, when things have settled down a bit more and she’s not here at the house for me to bug after work or to play with my puppy or to watch k-dramas with. It might not hit until the first time I have to Skype her instead of walking across the hallway. She’s the first in our family to go to school farther than an hour away- me and my little brother went to the same college, so this is going to be entirely different for everyone. I don’t really know how you prepare for that.

And that’s life. All I really can do is pray- pray for her safety, pray for the prudence to give her to the space to make her own choices, to grow in her own special way- and to be available and there for her when she needs me. The same will go for my brother, as he finishes his last year of school, and my significant other, as he makes his first real push to save for something financially towards the end of the year. All I can do is trust in the fruitfulness of prayer and the fruitfullness of strong relationships. (And take the extra time and space to write and submit more, God willing.)

What new changes have been happening in your life? How are you handling them?


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