The Charity of Joy

This past weekend my significant other, dance partner, little sister and her friend went to the 2015 Denver Zombie Crawl. We put a lot of thought into our costumes this year  (Nightmare Before Christmas) and headed downtown to walk around and play some games. 

We ended up not getting to participate in almost any activities because people wanted pictures of our costumes. We almost lost our table for dinner because people kept wanting pictures. By the end of the day my whole face hurt from smiling, and my nerves were nearly shot from having so many people hug me or put their arm around me. Sounds like a wash of a day, right?

But it wasn’t, and for one simple reason: Joy. The joy on the face of the girl who threw her arms around my knees and told me how excited she was to see my character. On the faces of men and women my age revelling in a childhood favorite. A parents excitement in being able to bring their kid back a picture of characters from a favorite family movie. 

I was surprised how popular our costumes were, and the Crawl may not have been what I expected, but I was grateful for the opportunity to bring joy to as many Crawl goers as I could. We talk a lot about charity of money, or charity of time in soup kitchens or church functions, but I think that this too was important: donating time to bring joy to others, regardless of background or means or age, in what little way I am capable of. It was a moment of great grace- I can’t wait to do it again. 

What joy can you bring to others in a small way this week?

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