Things that Everyone Should Know

-I am Roman Catholic. My confirmation saint is Rose of Lima. I have a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary.  I pray the rosary daily.

-I have five siblings- three brothers, two sisters. Three older siblings, two younger siblings. I love them more than anything in the world.

-My favorite color is purple.

-I am currently in a relationship. He is referred to as the Monkey.

-I love cats.

-I like dogs only if they are small and poofy. Or are huskis.

-Regardless of the above, my only pet is a ball python named Seviper.

– I like heavy metal music.

-Alice in Wonderland is my favorite thing ever. I love all of the retells, the original story, I love anything to do with tea pots, cards, or roses and I love blue.

-My favorite author is Terry Pratchett.

-Marvel comics are better than DC comics, but if I had to choose a DC character to be allowed into the Marvel universe it would be Harley Quinn. Wonder Woman is alright (I used to be obsessed with her, but now I know better).

-I want to name my children after the Archangels. If I have more than four, it’s God’s fault that they will have funny names (Baby #5 will automatically be named Metatron, regardless of gender).

-The only country I have been to to date other than the US is Kenya, in Africa. I miss it.

-I also write fiction, but under a different name.

-My biggest dream in life is to become a wife and mother. Poetry, and any of my writing, is simply my way of being able to give everything of myself to not only my future children, but to the next generation.

4 thoughts on “Things that Everyone Should Know

  1. I stumbled on your blog when I was looking for women’s religious poetry. I’m also a Catholic (my confirmation saint is Mary’s cousin Elizabeth), autistic, a cat lover, and a writer (although prose is my thing – narrative non-fiction mainly, with occasional forays into fiction). I’ll be reading regularly from now on. 🙂 I love to read poetry even though I rarely write any myself.

    • Welcome, welcome! I’m glad that you found me- to be honest, I’ve found it hard to find other Catholic autistics so that’s what caught my attention about you! Feel free to comment on anything and everything, I really do enjoy talking to other writers, fans, and/or like-minded individuals ^^

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