New Position: Poetry Reader!

It is with great excitement and a sense of honor that I announce that I was chosen to come aboard Persephone’s Daughters as a staff poetry reader recently. The mission of this particular publication is near and dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to immerse myself in being a part of it.

While that does mean that I have taken on new responsibilities and have new deadlines to meet, it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up writing myself. I hope you would be patient with me in this time of transition (new position, preparing for marriage, new house, novel coming out soon under different alias). Trust me, I have plenty poems left in me yet! 

But I am excited now to set some time aside to encourage other writers as I have been encouraged, and to lift up the voices of other very important perspectives! 

Acquisition Notice: Devozine

It seems like forever since I’ve had one of these, huh? But I am pleased to announce that my poem, ‘In the Whisper’ has been selected for publication in the July/August 2016 issue of devozine.  This will be the third time I have been published in The Upper Room’s devotional magazine for youth, and I couldn’t feel more honored.

Happy National Poetry Month!


Since 1996, April has been designated by the Academy of American Poets as National Poetry Month! To celebrate, I’m going to challenge myself this year to write more poetry- at least one new original poem a day for the next thirty days. I’ve also recently bought two new poetry collections to read and will hopefully pick up more around Easter.

Some suggestions for my readers looking to celebrate this month:

  •  Participate in the 30 Day Poetry Challenge. Looking for inspiration or a little nudge? Their Facebook Page will be posting a new daily prompt every day for the month of April.

Visit your local library and take out enough collections from the poetry section to last you all month long. Read one a week, and you’ve read four new poets. Double it, and you’ll know eight more. Go for the goal and read a new poet every day- whether that’s through collections or looking up new modern poetry online. (Here’s a good place to start!)

Participate in some of’s activities, such as the Poet-to-Poet Project for people in grades 3 through 12, and Poem in your Pocket Day  on April 4th for all ages.

Sign up for the e-mail newsletters from the Poets & Writers website. Stay in the loop with new poets, get prompts delivered to your inbox, find local poets and poetry outlets.

Participate in or go to a local open mic- these are often performed in coffeehouses or local bookstores. For a list of some of those readings in Colorado where I am, visit this website.

For my fellow Coloradeans, visit the Colorado Poets Center– there you can find a comprehensive list of poets near you, read poetry news from your own neighbors, and connect yourself to poets, whether you are a writer or a reader, who live in your own area.


Readers: What are your plans for celebrating National Poetry Month? Do you have any prompts to suggest for my own challenge?


Goodreads Review: Crisis of Faith

A new  four-star review of Drunk Dialing the Divine on Goodreads by user Katherine states:

I decided to read this book because of a crisis of faith. Amber writes exceptional prose to deliver her point that it is okay to question your faith. I’m not typically a fan of poetry, but this book caught my attention and I would recommend it.

This is what I write poetry for, why I write what I write and talk about what I talk about- a conversation that brings people together using words that help people relate. I wrote Drunk Dialing the Divine because of my own moments of crisis, and if I can reach out to that to just one person, and have that moment of acceptance, I consider myself successful. I’m glad you liked it, Katherine!

Acquisition Notice: Aquarium by the Ocean

The new daily online literary journal, Aquarium by the Ocean, scheduled to launch in March 2013 under the editorship of Roger C. Pao.

The poem acquired, ‘Soon I Will Graduate’, was written for my mother during my last semester of college, and is a mini refection on the relationship of mothers and daughters as they grow into themselves.

Hurrah for my first acquisition made in 2014!

2013 in Review


Well this sure has been a huge year for me- besides graduating from college this month, all year long I’ve been breaking my own goals for writing and taking the first several leaps that I need to become serious about this whole being a poet-and-author thing.

This year alone, I have:

-Been published in thirteen journals

-Had twenty-three  poems published

-Participated in my first 48-hour Film Festival as a writer and associate director

-Published a thesis through my college (Lumen Metaphoram: The use of metaphorical reality theory to evangelize in the modern Roman Catholic Church)

-Have  fifteen  poems already acquired for the year 2014 in seven journals

Which brings my career total to:

27 unique journals publishing my work

59 poems currently published

15 poems acquired and awaiting publication

Not too shabby! Let’s see if I can break that total in the coming year!

Acquisition Notice: Time of Singing!

Third time’s the charm! My poem ‘Gospel’ will be included in the Winter 2013/2014 issue of Time of Singing– the third time I’ve been published in this magazine of Christian poetry. This particular poem was written about the sometimes-chaos of mass and how to appreciate it, one of my personal recent favorites.

Anniversary Giveaway: Winners

It’s December 7th- a year ago today, Drunk Dialing the Divine was released by eLectio publishing as my debut collection of poetry.

For my anniversary giveaway, 423 people entered and 5 people were selected randomly by Goodreads as winners.

Congratulations to the giveaway winners:

Melissa Pollard

Dustin Judah

Katrina Knittle

Brigitte Short

Mariam Mahamah


I will be sending out the winning copies Monday!

Award Announcement: Doxa

I was just informed via e-mail that my collection of five poems that was accepted into Doxa (Nebraska Christian College’s Undergraduate Literary Journal) just won the Doxa award for poetry!

I’m completely overwhelmed with joy at this recognition of my work in this publication that celebrates the glory of God, both through the hardest and the happiest times in our lives. I will work to continue to deserve this kind of honor in all my future works through the conscious reflection and active love that I attempt to put into all of my poems. I’ll let you all know when the copies are in-or feel free to get a subscription for yourself at their website. What a wonderful note to be ending my college career on!

Anniversary Giveaway: Drunk Dialing the Divine

Can you believe it’s almost been a full year since I first announced the publication of my first poetry collection, Drunk Dialing the Divine? I sure can’t!

Drunk Dialing the Divine by Amber Koneval

To celebrate, I’m running an anniversary giveaway through Goodreads from now until December 7th- the anniversary date for the collection’s original publication date. Through this, I’ll be giving away five free, signed copies of the collection, which will get to you just in time for the holiday season! So go on, enter to win (or, if you don’t want to take your chances, you can get your copy securely through the publisher– when you buy the paperback, you get an e-copy as well!)

Good luck to all my entrants!