Been Adulting Pretty Hard Lately

So it might seem like I’ve been a little AWOL lately. Even this week, I’m posting on a seemingly arbitrary Tuesday instead of my customary Sunday. I am genuinely sorry that I have fallen short of my own expectations, especially so close to the end of the year as we are.

However, I do have a pretty awesome excuse: I’m now engaged! My significant other ended up surprising me on Halloween weekend with a carved pumpkin and a live band (we got engaged dressed as Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo, of all things).


Of course, once the excitement settles, what is left is the realization that we suddenly have a ton of things to do: engagement photos (finishing up round two of those this weekend), house showings (fiance wants us to be able to give each other a home for Christmas), scheduling time to figure out when we can reserve my home parish for the ceremony, scheduling marriage prep and so on and so forth ad infinitem. It’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of being equally stressed and equally thankful for even the opportunity to be so stressed about such wonderful things, but it is very time-consuming.

We are starting to get into a good rhythm, however, so I should be able to get back on track with most of my social media. I’ve been keeping up with my writing work well enough, at least, so never fear. I’ll keep myself as much on track with my social media as well.

Prayers and good thoughts are very welcome at this time!

Lent 2015

As of last Wednesday, my fellow Roman Catholics and I have entered the season of Lent. As with my New Year’s Resolutions, I like to publicly post my ‘Lenten Resolutions’, in order to hold myself to a higher standard of accountability, as well as enhancing my solidarity with other Catholics going through similar experiences.

So my Lenten Resolutions for this year:

1) Veiling at Sunday mass. I did this last year, and it was a fruitful experience. I may end up continuing this as a Lenten tradition forever. We will see after this Lenten season if it continues to be fruitful, or if my own experience of it will stagnate this time around.

2) Avoiding any and all fast food. I will only allow myself two restaurant visits, and only if it is to celebrate someone else’s achievement or a holiday.

3) Praying a rosary when I do my forty-five minute walks at work. Furthermore, I will offer all of these ‘extra’ rosaries (I currently pray one a week) in thanksgiving, rather than in petition. The goal this Lent will be to cultivate in myself a stronger sense of gratitude, which will hopefully encourage a truer peace and contentment in my own life, and combat those moments of feeling inept and overwhelmed by the bad things in my life/the world so that I can be more joyfully productive and contributive.

If you celebrate Lent: what are you giving up this year? If you do not: what would you give up/ do differently for forty days in order to renew your life this year?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, followers! I hope that you get some time today to spend with your loved ones, whether that be with a significant other, family members or a quality day to spend pampering yourself.

I really hope that this will not include spending your money supporting the romanticization of relationship abuse. At this point, I probably don’t even have to name the film I’m talking about, but I am breaking my posting schedule today to voice my support for the #50ShadesisAbuse awareness campaign. As this topic has already been discussed at length, I will simply post links to some of the best arguments I’ve found against the film, and why you should not support the continued popularity of the material if you value the lives of battered and abused individuals.

Please consider donating what money you would spend on the film today on the battered women’s shelters, anti-domestic violence organizations, or anti-sex trafficking organization of your choice. I personally donate to SafeHouse Denver regularly. If you weren’t planning on seeing the film in the first place, consider donating anyways (even just the price of a movie ticket) because these kinds of places and organizations could use every bit of help they can get!

Fifty Shades of Abuse Blog– A chapter-by-chapter analysis of the book, pointing out specific instances of abuse and why it is classified as abuse

End Sexual Exploitation- The origin of the #50dollarsnot50shades campaign, that urges you to donate 10, 20, or 50 dollars to local shelters/organizations, complete with a helpful list of places that could use your money to help women in real life ’50shades’ relationships.

           A Tumblr Post That Superimposes Actual Quotes From the Book Over The Movie Poster– I read these out loud to my wonderful significant other, and he immediately made gagging noises.

50 Shades Is Abuse Twitter Campaign

The Academy of Women’s Health: An insightful post from an organization made up of physicians, nurses, and other health professions about how 50 Shades romanticizes sexual violence and emotional abuse against women.

As a recovering victim of both sexual and emotional abuse, I ask you to please not support media that directly supports the perpetuation of those vicious cycles today. This poet, this woman, does not condone it. I beg you to join the boycott, and send the message to today’s media that today’s society will not pay for its own degradation.

Spend this Valentine’s Day cherishing the ones you love in a healthy way, and standing up to create a society in which every woman and every man gets that chance, instead of being tricked into accepting abuse as the only love they will ever know. #50ShadesisAbuse

Lent 2014: Reflection

It’s always interesting to make resolutions for yourself in the hope of making yourself just a little bit better this year than last year. I always find that my Lenten resolutions end up being better for me in the long-run. Whereas with New Years I have until December to deny what I’ve failed at, or celebrate what I’ve achieved, Lent is a solid, straightforward forty days. I think it also helps to see all those constant reminders that I’m not the only one on this journey. Instead of New Years, which lives on in every radio commercial for the first two weeks of January, I’ve got constant support moments from the beginning of Ash Wednesday to the silence of Holy Saturday. It can be as sacred as Mass every Sunday and as silly and consequential as the advertisements for fish specials every Friday. Either way, I am always reminded to be grateful for my faith during this time, especially the communal rituals that are constantly giving me the support and guided reflection that I need to make myself in to the woman God made me to be.

So how did I do this Lenten season? For starters, I’m really glad that I wrote my Lenten resolves down. I find it becomes so easy over the Lenten season to simply forget or reason away the things that I wanted to achieve or wanted to try. I wanted to make sure that I was more accountable than normal, and that has definitely helped.


As for the resolutions themselves:

1) I resolved to make time to memorize the Guardian Angel prayer and prayers of St. Rose of Lima. That ended up being a massive failure. I prayed them every morning, that’s for sure, but I didn’t get any bit of either of them memorized. I didn’t spend enough time clearing my mind first before my prayer- which in and of itself has been an illuminating experience in that I’ve realized that I’ve been doing my morning prayers in a low gear. I hope that in this burgeoning Easter season I will be more mindful of working on that.

2) Continuously forgot to add a chaplet to St. Rose on Fridays, but was pretty adamant with my continuing to pray a rosary each Sunday.  I feel like this is due to my closer relationship to Momma Mary than St. Rose. During the Easter season I will take a trip down to my parish library and perhaps check out anything I can find on the life of St. Rose to help me relate more to her and forge a better relationship between us.

3) I resolved to wear a chapel veil to mass every Sunday. That was a total success. After the initial weirdness, which was entirely born out of my own ego, I was able to swallow my pride and focus more on the Mass and the people I was supposed to be in communion with than what I looked like or how my own prayer life was going. I was actually able to say hello to strangers at Mass first, invite families to sit next to me during the Mass, and enthusiastically offer the sign of peace to people I didn’t know. I think the most interesting and surprising thing that came from me wearing the chapel veil was this inexplicable feeling that I was somehow protected from many of the fears and ticks that keep me from enjoying and participating in the mass as fully as possible. I think I stumbled across a new, highly effective coping mechanism. As a result, I am getting a second, longer veil and have committed to wearing the veil every Lent and Advent season. I was also able to connect with the generations of Catholic women in my family who wore the veil before me, which was a humbling experience that was practically swollen with love.

So, all in all I would say that this Lent has been a fruitful one. Like with all attempts to make myself a better person, it’s been a struggle and I’m sure not at the point that I want to be yet. But I do have a better idea of what I need to work on now and where I want to go with it next.

Feel free to let me know in the comments how your own Lenten journey was this year.

And now, without further ado:

He is Risen, Hallelujah! Happy Easter, everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful day full of peace, love and joy!

Spring 2013!

  It’s the beginning of a new semester, and a daunting one at that. With January comes my first semester as a senior; which means, above other things, applying for graduation and getting to work seriously on my Honors thesis due in December. It’s also the semester that my first fiction novel is due to be published, several journals that have acquired my work will be published, and a semester in which I try to find a publisher for Mti Wangu (currently being considered by three publishers, just playing the waiting game at the moment) and do some serious reconstructive work on Synonym Girl while compiling my second, larger religious collection, The Shattered Deity: Struggling to Find God in All Things. On top of that, I recently accepted a third job as the online editor for my university’s newspaper, The Highlander, and will resume going to daily mass in addition to Sacristan-ing Sundays. I also made a resolution this year to be more active in the poetic community- including, but not limited to offering workshops in the community (scheduling one with the Denver Housing Authority for their mid-rises for the elderly and disabled as we speak!) and posting on poetic forums with more regularity, while finding better ways for my school’s poetry group to integrate themselves in the world. 


Looking this over…. Who could ever say I’m not serious about this? Whoo boy, this is going to be fun. 

First found this poem on and it would just be an absolute shame if I didn’t share it with my followers. If anyone was wondering what kind of modern poetry I truly enjoy… it’s this kind of poetry. Not so abstract that you think the poet must be playing some kind of game with your head, but enough that you are allowed some place to play with your own imagination. I like this.
He also seems to understand the importance of titling. Very few people do, these days.

Working On a New Manuscript!

I know I’ve been posting a lot of different acquisition notices without stop lately (which, don’t get me wrong- I’m pleased as punch about it) and I figured that it would be a good idea for me to give everyone a quick little update on what I’ve been working on. So more of the ‘in-progress’ to show you what’s going on behind the ‘already finished’.

In the wake of Drunk Dialing the Divine‘s release, I have begun working on compiling my second collection of religious poetry, tentatively titled Shattered Deity: Struggling to See God in All Things. This second collection will be a collection of all of the religious poetry that I have written a) after the compiling of the first collection and b) that might be illuminating a religious concept, but not specifically naming it. The second collection will be either equal in length or larger than the first.

I am also working on a collection of poetry through my Vocation and the Meaning of Life class that will all be written in response to or in reflection of scholarly discussions of vocation in both the Protestant and Catholic traditions. No idea what I will be titling that one, as I’ve only written four or five poems for that collection so far, but I will be working on submitting the poems from this collection singly for some time before getting it compiled as an official collection. It will be ‘finished’ by the time  that my final exam for the class is due, however I will probably not submit it for publishing for awhile after submitting Shattered Deity to publishers (which will not be until after Drunk Dialing is out fully).

I’m still looking for a publisher for Mti Wangu, my poems from my mission in Kenya (about 40 poems).

I’m going through and re-editing To My First Love, At Midnight, as well as Synonym Girl  (my more secular/mundane/social poetry) and might end up ripping both of them up and re-assembling them as one manuscript (which would also be titled Synonym Girl as it is my favorite of the two titles). I also may just end up editing the poems included in the collections and keep them separate  Depends on how I feel when I read through them again, now that I’m far enough out of the original assembly.

While You Wait!

While we’re waiting for the release of Drunk Dialing the Divine, why don’t you pop over and check out some of the other titles that eLectio publishing offers?








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