New Tattoo Friday!

After a bit of debate surrounding whether or not I was going to get my behind-the-ear tattoo or my thigh tattoo first, I now have my second tattoo:


She’s a tribute to my favorite villaness of all time, Harley Quinn (specifically Bruce Timm’s version):inspiration

Unlike with my first tattoo, which being on my foot and ankle is extremely visible, this one can barely even be seen when I’m wearing shorts properly (the bottom diamond slightly peeks out). Whereas my rosary tattoo is meant to be seen so that people can immediately identify me as Catholic (and so that I remember to behave accordingly), the meaning this tattoo has for me is much more of a personal strength and growth thing, and so is really only meant for me and those close for me to see on a day to day basis. I’m super happy with it, and so glad that I finally have it!