Falling Off the Wagon

As much as I would sometimes like to think I’m the most productive writer I know, sometimes… I get caught up in life and I end up not… writing. Or submitting. Or editing. Or anything having to do with writing, whatsoever. Today, while trying to update my submission tracker on Duotrope, I realized that I hadn’t actively submitted hardly anything since at least mid-June. For someone who had, at one point, been submitting at least five poems a week to different journals, this is turning into quite a dry spell. It’s a bit frustrating, to say the least.  I guess when I finally committed myself to this whole writing thing I had imagined myself as being a bit more of a publishing machine- consistently cranking out new material and submitting (and having my submissions accepted) at a consistent rate. It’s safe to say that, going into this, I most definitely underestimated the time and effort required to really pull off being a professional poet (at the same time as being a professional fiction writer, and student, and nanny, and Sacristan, and newspaper editor….). It’s been a hard lesson to learn this summer, but an invaluable one.  I am coming to learn my limits, as well as my strengths and weaknesses regarding writing and submitting pieces for publication. I’m beginning to figure out how much time, and how much breathing space, I really do require in order to perform at my peak.

So today, I’m hoping to get back on the writing wagon. With a week off from work before returning from school, I’m pledging to renew my efforts in submitting pieces for publication, work out a more doable, and more consistent schedule for posting on this blog, and schedule at least one poetry reading event a month for me to attend (whether its to read or just to sit and listen to others read). I’ve gotten off to a good start this morning- went through my latest Duotrope e-mails and narrowed my efforts today to six markets. After I go to mass, I’ll narrow it down to the markets I will actually submit to and go from there.

Thank you for sticking it through with me, even through this stagnant summer! Here’s to a productive final semester of college!