Sorry For The Lack of Posting

But I’ve been at work the whole time.

My boss actually found out that I don’t go back to school until the 15th and rescheduled me everyday but Monday on the week I was going to have off.

Oh well.

At least now I’ll for sure be able to afford a car come summer!

And I got my mother to agree to let me get my tattoo over Easter break, as long as I prove to her that I do my research about my artist. I wanted to be able to get the pain part of the tattoo over with during this break, but at least she’s now promised a set date. I won’t let her back out of it this time!

I miss my boyfriend a lot too. He wants to come back to Colorado early just so he can be with me for a bit before we start classes again but I’ll be at work, yet again. I mean I don’ think that my mother, who adores him, would be adverse to having him around the house even when I’m not there but that’s got to be boring for the kid. Not to mention my little brother would have to give him room up yet again. Unless I could convince my mother to let him sleep in the basement with fifty thousand blankets since it’s cold down there. I really want him to come. I miss him so much.

Only two more weeks before break is over!

And I’m already so tired because of work that I almost don’t want to go out and party on New Year’s Eve.

I feel like I’m thirty years old. Even my joints have started creaking. Sometimes I wonder where my life is going.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas!

It’s finally snowing here! And it’s supposed to snow on Thursday as well, so I think we’ll finally have a white Christmas this year! The past couple of years it’s all been a white New Years, but decidedly brown-green for the rest of the winter holidays.

So I get to stay in for most of the day! Yay! Hot chocolate and fudge for me FOREVER.

And while I imbibe more warm treats than my waistline can handle, I can get a couple of things done. Like finishing up all of the Christmas cards I had forgotten to do over Thanksgiving Break. And write a card to send to my boyfriend to make him happy. And send out my chapbook manuscripts so that I can get the verdict on those sooner and be able to do something with them sooner.

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t have much patience. Which is horrible, considering I want to be a poet and writer. Which is probably why I write so dang much- I write to keep my mind off of all the waiting that I have to do in this career. It’s most likely also the reason why I have taken up blogging. Keeps me on the keyboard without turning into crazy ‘have you got it’ yet e-mails to editors well before their normal response date.

I start work again tomorrow too, so I won’t really have time to be sending things out or compiling things for the rest of the break. It’s better to get all of those things out of the way so that I can work my butt off while I’m waiting instead of waiting till I’m done working, then sending things out/ compiling things, and then sitting there going stir-crazy waiting for answers. That is absolutely no fun.

Anyhow, this is the last week before Christmas- Christmas Eve is this Saturday!

Does everyone have their shopping done? (I still need a gift for my big sister..) What are you looking forward to the most this week?

Tell Everybody I’m on My Way!

Whelp kids, this is it! Time for winter break- time for me to go home, rest for about four days, and then work long shifts every day until I just can’t wait to come back to the stresslessness of school. (I’ve got some pretty awesome classes lined up for next semester too… Latin, Shakespeare in Performance, Woodsworth, Jesuit Spirituality… oh! and I’ll officially be a junior)

I am really excited to see my family though. They said they’ve been working really hard on something in the house while I’m gone (which I think means they finished redoing my little sister’s bedroom) and I’ve only really got to celebrate my upcoming publication with my mum via phone, which is not half as fun as celebrating with the whole family in person.

And I get to be surrounded by my Christmas decorations, too. I love my Chrismas decorations. I have a snow village and like five nativity sets that are actually mine, but I set them up in my parent’s house for lack of anywhere else to put them, and I have been missing them hard lately. Oh! And I’ll get to go back to Mass at my home parish (I don’t during the school year, since I go to a Catholic college and so go every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at the chapel here and sacristan those masses) and I’ll be able to look through the back issues of the More Informed so that I can put the articles/poems I published there into my publication credits. (Hey, when you’re just starting out, you really gotta reach for everything you got).

Just gotta: do breakfast, pack my computer, turn in my World Literature final and then get checked out by my RA. I’m so psyched for today!