New Position: Poetry Reader!

It is with great excitement and a sense of honor that I announce that I was chosen to come aboard Persephone’s Daughters as a staff poetry reader recently. The mission of this particular publication is near and dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to immerse myself in being a part of it.

While that does mean that I have taken on new responsibilities and have new deadlines to meet, it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up writing myself. I hope you would be patient with me in this time of transition (new position, preparing for marriage, new house, novel coming out soon under different alias). Trust me, I have plenty poems left in me yet! 

But I am excited now to set some time aside to encourage other writers as I have been encouraged, and to lift up the voices of other very important perspectives! 


Why Query Letters Are Important

Today I got a response from Exterminating Angel Press regarding a submission to their magazine. Though the poems were rejected, I was invited to write an essay about being a young poet and my particular writing style. This invitation came from my explanation of my writing style in my original query letter, and the chance from my investment in the specific editor of this specific press.

It’s amazing what new opportunities will be opened to you if you care as much about the editors as you wish the editors would care about you. I opened the query letter by genuinely complimenting a poem written by the editor herself, and followed that with points of hers that I thought tied in with my own poetry, thus explaining why I chose to submit to her press. I then explained a little bit about myself that you wouldn’t find on a resume- that my poetry is diary-like, written in cycles from one May to the next with the poem count high in the hundreds. That my collection themes are chronological rather than thematic. That I’m only 19, but have been published 29 times in 7 different journals. I then asked if she would please consider my poetry, while expressing the honor it would be to be a member of the Exterminating Angel community.

Her response was sweet, understanding and kind. When I asked for the deadline for the essay, she responded promptly and clearly, with an invitation to submit poetry to them again (since I originally missed the whole point of themes in the magazine).

I have reason to believe that one of the main reasons why her response was so warm (other than her being awesome) was because I myself had gone out of my way to be warm (which I actually did because I have a genuine interest in being a part of this press/magazine, judging from what they have written about what they look for and excerpts from the magazine). It makes a big difference, sending your work with a form letter or sending your work with a personal appeal to the editor. We as poets hate to get form rejections, don’t we? Why treat the editors we entrust our art to with any less respect than we ourselves expect? This experience has really pushed me to rethink how I will be sending my submissions from now on (believe me, I’m guilty of templating the heck out of submissions myself). I will now be treating all editors with the same amount of regard as I did with the editors of Exterminating Angel, and will refrain from wildly submitting every-which-where just to get my work out there, when I am much happier even getting a suggestion to write something wildly different from a publication that I am excited about submitting to.

Life lessons lie where we least expect, people.

Crack the Spine: Issue Twenty One! (Need Your Help!)

Hey guys! My poems are up and readable through Crack the Spine: Issue Twenty One!

If you head on over there and leave some feedback on my poems, there is a better chance that they’ll make it into the print anthology. It would really mean a lot to me if you guys would take a couple minutes out of your day to help me progress in my poetry career!  (And, hey, you get to read some pretty cool poetry)

Crack the Spine Issue Twenty One

Crack the Spine: Meet the Contributors!

Hey guys! Head on over to Crack the Spine where they just released the ‘Meet the Contributors’ for the issue of the online ‘zine that I’m going to be published in. I’m going to be in Issue 21, which comes out really soon! If you comment and leave good feedback on the online version, I have a better shot at being put in their anthologies, so please do me a favor and support me on this (if you feel like I deserve it!)

Publishing Notice: Time of Singing

Good news everyone! I’m getting another poem published, whoo hoo! It’s called ‘Eschaton’, and it is the product of thinking about the call to eternal Creation during a theology class.

It will again be in the ‘Time of Singing’ Magazine, in the Spring 2012 issue coming out soon. This will be my second time being published in a nationally distributed publication, yay!

Like last time, as soon as the poem has been officially been published I will post a reading of it on my YouTube channel. This is again very exciting for me! I would like to thank all of my followers for their continual support.

2011/2012 Apogee!

Just received notice that I will be published once again in the Apogee (Regis University’s literary magazine). The poems ‘Laughter of the Spirit’, ‘The Stickiest Honey’ and ‘Making Ourselves Vulnerable’ will be published through it sometime before May. As soon as the magazine is printed, I will post the poems here on my website- and you, my followers, can help choose which one I will read and put on my Youtube channel!

For fun, why don’t I have ya’ll choose now which one you’d have me read based on a brief summary and titles alone:

‘Laughter of the Spirit’ is a poem that describes an experience of praying the rosary from a mystical standpoint.

‘The Stickiest Honey’ is a love poem.

‘Making Ourselves Vulnerable’ is about answering the question, posed in a religion class, about ‘what does the opening of a body have to do with God’?



(The one chosen will get a video reading like my other ones. Soon, I’m going to put up a video of me doing a reading at a school open mic- those are a lot more fun- and hopefully, if I get into a slam soon, I’ll put up video of that as well)