The Windows of the Store I Used to Work At

Following through on my promise of filling requests, here is a new, original, unpublished poem about my life for Amanda Miguelgorry:


The Windows of the Store I Used to Work At 

the mannequins are different now

dressed in clothes my baby sister wears


I remember dressing them

starching the hairs on my arm

pricking with pins the cute boy with the wire rim glasses and

quiet hips

to get him to notice me.


He doesn’t work there anymore, either

new faces with glazed smiles

walk where we walked

and we don’t step inside. The clothes I used to

fold after school

are too expensive now.


and my boy’s hips are loud.

He notices me, with strong, clear eyes.


but in the windows of the store

I used to work at

are pockets of time that he can never have.




Nostalgia in a capsule.



we move on.






Coming up next will be a video reading of my newest faith poem, to be published this month in two journals, ‘Salve Regina’.