Four Star Review: ‘A Rather Beguiling Find’

Here’s a new four-star review of Drunk Dialing the Divine from Shane on Goodreads:

A rather beguiling find, a book I sculpted and stained into a peculiar shape and grotty hue , by carrying everywhere. The poems are an interesting exploration of youthful ,wounded humaness and religious certainty/ uncertainity -which becomes fresh when filtered through the eyes of someone wilfully distinctive in her abrasive dialoguing and defense of seemly fading traditions, and thought patterns, all mingled with unresolved deep human aches.

I’m honored by your reflection, Shane. Thank you for carrying my words with you everywhere- it means a lot.


Want to read what he’s talking about? Catch your copy of Drunk Dialing the Divine today!

Review: A Must Read for Poetry Lovers and Those Looking for God

A five star review today from reader Janet Kalmadge- personal reviews like hers just absolutely brighten my day!

I started following Amber on a poetry site. Then I found her blog. She is so open about her life and writing projects. This book is an extension of that openness. Of what she is seeking and questioning. When it comes to God and religion, that is not always easy to do. Her poetry is beautiful, often raw. This book is filled with deep meaning, pondering and answers. I shall always treasure this book.


Thank you, Janet, for the kind words! I hope I’ll only be able to get better as I continue to write, and keep being able to give more of myself to my readers. I treasure your support.

New Review of Drunk Dialing the Divine: ‘Verrry Inspiring’!

Take a look at the new five-star review that Drunk Dialing the Divine just got on Amazon from  Michael D. Waterhouse, author of the Anfeald’s World series  :

I bought this on Amazon as a Kindle and I have just finished it. I loved the heart which went into each of the wonderful poems. The author allows us to enter her life with incredible insight into her struggles with her faith.Hard questions are asked as she releases her emotions from her most inner self and might I add, ones each of us come to at some point in our life. This is a book that you might want to get a nice cup of coffee and sit out on your front porch with as the sun rises for the day.

Thank you for giving the book a chance, Mr. Waterhouse! And thank you for taking the time to write out such a glowing review. Small little things like this can really brighten a writer’s day- and can eventually the difference between someone picking up their title for themselves or not in the future!