Happy Holidays Everyone!

Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are in the past, it’s time to break out the holiday spirit and dive into the wonderful waiting of Advent!


Tonight, me and my little sister kicked off the season by volunteering some carols in front of the Parker Station at the request of a friend. For your enjoyment, here is a video of us singing our favorite duet ‘Night of Silence/Silent Night’.


Kimi Ni Todoke (Reaching for You)-Sung by Tanizawa Tomofumi

In that gentle spot warmed by the sun, the chime is delayed

The wind brushing my cheeks turns into my deep breath

Roundabout tears, the tomorrow we named

Are all overlapping future-colored lines

These childish feelings

The days we laughed together happily

I hope we come to treasure them

You surpassed this disconnected time

And gave me lots of firsts

I’ll connect them to you, I’ll reach you

The after school sunset, your back, as you’re laughing

Secret whispers, inside these untouched feelings

The you inside of me, the me inside of you

Are all interweaving future-colored lines

The smell of the town after the rain

And the dream-like secret I hold in my heart

So many times I’ve felt like crying, but then laughed instead

Rather than thinking about it, hurry up

It’s fine if you just fly into my heart

To connect to you, to reach you

In front of you, cherished more than anyone

is someone who cherishes you so that you won’t get hurt, that’s right, it’s me

Even if your words somehow become “goodbye” instead

Everything will be as it is

These childish feelings

The days we laughed together happily

I hope we come to treasure them

I’ll become just a little grown up

Surpassing the me that wants to be just like you

To connect to you

Right now

to reach you

I’m full of lovey-doveyness tonight. I seem to be more of a fan of Japanese love songs than American ones- they seem to be more genuine, rather than cliche, and read more like a poem when translated. This is is the opening, translated into English, of the anime adaptation of the manga Kimi Ni Todoke (Reaching for You).