Acquisition Notice: ‘Spring Flurries’

My poem, ‘Spring Flurries’, has been acquired by the online literary magazine, Mothers Always Write. Though I’m not a mother quite yet, I’ve written quite a ton of poetry about the babies I nanny. I really hope you will all enjoy this one, about my current little baby-dreamer, when it is published. In the meantime, check out what some other mothers, fathers and caregivers have written about their little (and not so little) ones over on the site!


Holy Innocents

After thinking through some things, I have decided that I will now be posting on a bi-weekly basis, so every other Sunday. Pray that I will be able to keep up with this schedule.

So to start this off, have a fresh new poem written by yours truly. This was written way back in December 2014, on the Feast of Holy Innocents, which happened to also share a Sunday with the Feast of the Holy Family. This poem is a reflection of that juxtaposition of the suffering of innocent children with the impending suffering of the Holy Infant, as I was captivated by a young child in the pews in front of me at Mass.