Happy New Year: 2016 Resolutions

Another year, another list of resolutions. I didn’t make many solid resolutions in the midst of wedding planning, and I think that threw me for a bit of a loop. I did end up marrying my best friend, so that remained on track. I ended up gaining 10 pounds back before the wedding, but still fit in to my dress. I kept good with the blogging until the weather turned cold and I most certainly did not keep up with my submission schedule. Or my writing-new-material schedule. A lot of random things got thrown into the gears- buying a new house, home remodeling/upkeep, getting a dream job offer, transistioning out of my current nanny family, getting married, the holidays, family members getting married, taking up a new hobby (LARP)… hopefully next year can be a little less exciting on the social side so that I can focus on writing. I really miss it- and my soul feels the strain of not having written as much as I would like.

So this year’s resolutions:

  1. Get those last ten pounds back off.
  2. Get serious about the posting schedule. Twice a month, no less.
  3. Remember to log reading in Goodreads.
  4. Choose a new writing schedule that fits with the new job and stick with it.
  5. Work hard at being a good wife.

Wish me luck! What are your resolutions?