Publication History


2014- Edward J. Maginnis, S.J. Award– Awarded for most creative scholarship in the field of religious studies at Regis University in Denver, Colorado for the graduating class of Fall 2013-May 2014.

2014- ‘Word Sexual’ Pushcart Prize Nomination by Stepping Stone Magazine

2013- ‘The Widow’s Mite’, ‘The Road to Jericho’, ‘Vocation’, ‘Who are You to Speak of God’ & ‘Consolation’ Recipient of a ‘Doxa Award’ for Doxa (Nebraska Christian College, print)

2011- ‘Use Templates in Your Essay’ Recipient of the ‘Best Of Poetry & Prose’ for the Apogee (Regis University, print)

Publication Credits 



  • Drunk Dialing the Divine (e-book- $2.49, print $8.99)- An attempt to capture the darker side of the emotional struggle of the deeply faithful, as embodied in the image of a friend drunk-dialing to make prayer requests. Though each poem begins in a negative space, they resist both the angry and the naively optimistic ending- instead finding a ray of hope in  the maxim ‘Things Are Because God Is’. Best described as poetry written from the ‘dark night of the soul’, as explained by St. John of the Cross and Mother Theresa.  –Available now in all electronic formats from eLectio publishing, or for e-readers  from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. and in POD print formats from Amazon and eLectio.




  • devozine (The Upper Room, Print):  ‘In the Whisper’- July/August Issue





  • Time of Singing (Print)- ‘Gospel’- January Winter 2013/2014 Issue
  • devozine (Print)- ‘Are You Listening?’- March-April Issue
  • Windhover Journal: A Journal of Christian Literature (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Texas, Print)- ‘Sacred Memory’, February
  • Acquarium by the Ocean (Online)- ‘Soon I Will Graduate’ March
    • The Survivor Anthology (Charity Anthology, Print & eBook)- ‘Clean’ Release Date TBD
    • Poetry Across The… (Print/Ebook, Marketable Concepts, Anthology)- ‘Gold Camp Road’, ‘Good morning’, ‘Daniel’s Park’, ‘Rain Until One A.M.’, ‘First Day of Class’, ‘Colorado Weather’ TBD
    • St. Austin’s Review (Print)- ‘Salve Regina’, ‘Our Lady of the Advent’, ‘The Fall’, ‘Replacing the Tabernacle Candle’ and ‘At the Vigil’.  TBD



  • The Chaffey Review (California, Print)- ’300′ , January
  • Stepping Stones Magazine (Online)- ‘Word Sexual’, January
  • Steady Moon Press (Print Anthology- ‘The Poet’s Word)- ‘Zydrate Anatomy’, ‘A Poet’ and ‘Why I Write Poetry’
  • devozine (The Upper Room, Print)- ‘Lord of the Dance’ March
  • Radix(Berkley, California, Print) ‘Silent as a Church’  March
  • Apogee (Regis University, Print)- ‘become as little children’ & ‘Pumpkin Carving’ April
  • The Wayfarer (Print, Online)- Volume 3, Issue 1  ‘Time in Africa’ & ‘The Forest’ June
  • Green Blotter (Print, Lebanon Valley College)- ‘Monkey’ & ‘Running Man’
  • 48 Hour Film Festival: Writer and 2nd AD for Liquid Luck Productions, Movie- ‘Villain’s Anonymous’, August 11th
  • The Stray Branch (Print)- ‘Blood Splatterpaint’   October
  • Stepping Stones Magazine (Online)- ‘Blood Splatterpaint’, Video Reading, Reprint, October
  • Colorado Life Magazine (Print/Online)- ‘First Snow’, November/December
  • Doxa (Print, Nebraska Christian College)- ‘The Widow’s Mite’, ‘The Road to Jericho’, ‘Vocation’, ‘Who Are You to Speak of God’ and ‘Consolation’, Fall- Recipient of the Doxa Award for Poetry
  • Freedom Verse (Print, Anthology- Local Gems Press)- ‘Fort Hood’ and ‘Independence Day’  November
  • Biblotheca Alexandrina: (Print- A Mantle of Stars Anthology)- ‘Salve Regina’ November/December



  • Apogee-(Regis University: Denver, Colorado) ‘Making Ourselves Vulnerable’, ‘Laughter of the Spirit’, ‘The Stickiest of Honey’
  • Time of Singing (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, Print) Volume 39, Number 1, Spring 2012: ‘Eschaton’
  • Crack the Spine (online)- Issue 21, ‘Bird’s Eye View’, ‘Mass Media Mashup’, April
  • MOLT (online)- ‘Shamala’
  • The Storyteller– (Maynard, Arizona, Print) ‘Reflection’ April/May/June, Volume 17: Issue 2; ’This is My First Time Reading My Poetry in Public’ July/Aug/Sept, ‘Home Sick’  Oct/Nov/Dec
  • Atticus Review (online) ‘Virgin Martyr’ Release Date TBD
  • Exterminating Angel (online) July  ’Talking to Myself’ An essay regarding my writing style and being a young poet,
  • Crack the Spine (Print)- ‘Mass Media Mashup’- reprinted as part of a ‘Best of’ Summer 2012 anthology ,September
  • The Wayfarer (Online and in Print)- ‘Foreigners, You’re Welcome’ September
  • Bop Dead City (Print)- ‘English Major Boy’ October
  • Exterminating Angel (online)- Winter 2012 Words, Words, Words ‘ On Epigrams: A Positive Note’
  • GLOW: A Christian Magazine: (Online and Print) ‘Rose of Sharon’ & ‘Winter’
  • Crack the Spine: (online) Issue 47 ‘The Scandal of Particularity’ November


  • Apogee-(Regis University: Denver, Colorado) ’Use Templates in Your Essay’, ‘Shower Sleep’ & ‘Wearing Purple for October 20th, 2010′
  • Won ‘Best Prose/ Poetry’ award for the Apogee for ‘Use Templates in Your Essay’
  • Won first place in Regis University’s First Annual Poetry Slam
  • Time of Singing– (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania) Volume 38, Number 3, Winter 2011/2012: ‘Life Lines’


  • Farsighted-(Mountain Vista High School: Highlands Ranch, Colorado) ’Anniversary’, ‘Phrenology’, & the short story ‘Scars by Papa Roach’
  • More Informed- (Saint Thomas More Catholic Church: Centennial, Colorado) October 2010 Issue:  ’The Welcome Song’, ‘Jaqueline’, ‘My Kenyan Tree’, ‘African Trees’, ‘The Forest’, ‘Repairing Koko Tutu’s House’, ‘You Are Lord’: A sampling of my collection of poetry recalling my mission trip to Kakamega, Kenya that July.


  • Farsighted-(Mountain Vista High School: Highlands Ranch, Colorado) 5 poems: ‘Mirror?’, ‘Bless Me, Barbie’, ‘October 4th 2008′, ’Highlands Ranch’ & ‘To the Tallest Five Year Old Who Ever Lived’


  • The More Informed (Saint Thomas More Catholic Church: Centennial, Colorado)
  • April- “The Hard Truth Behind Abortion”: A pro-life article aimed at teenage girls in the local parish.
  • October- “Hocus Pocus” : A research article clearing up misconceptions about Wiccanism in the Catholic community, aimed towards both parents and children in the local parish.

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