Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award

First, I would like to thank NocturneFireFay for nominating me for this ‘blogger award’. Though I’m aware that these kinds of things are not prestigious in any real-world kind of way, I am still appreciative  that Nocturne would think of me kindly enough to bestow this award on me. Therefore, I should pass on the kindness and do my duty to the ‘Kreativ Blogger’ award.

So, according to some kind of rule, I must now reveal ten new things about myself and then pass this award onto six other bloggers.

Here goes:

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Amber:

1) I hate gold jewlery on myself. I don’t mind it on other people, and I actually love it in decorationI . But try to put a gold necklace on me and I’ll squirm like a fish. I hate it.

2) I love My Chemical Romance.

3) One of my legs is shorter than the other.

4) I had my entire right cheek bitten off by a dog when I was little. It’s healed so completely you couldn’t tell now.

5) The best Christmas present I ever got was my Willow Tree Nativity Set.

6) I sing in the shower.

7) I repeat my entire day’s schedule to myself/ whoever happens to be near me every time it changes.

8) I hate the feel of water on my face.

9) I talk in a baby voice when I’m distracted.

10) My sneezes  sound like a baby squirrel exploding.

And now, who I nominate for the Kreative Blogger Award:

1) jsirrah

For being supportive. Visit the ~Just Passin Thru~ blog to read some interesting poetry- all straight from the heart. (Though not in a mushy kind of way)

2) Vampire Weather

For more poetry, mostly of a darker variety check out this blog!

3) Danny Nettleton

For poetry that is so beautiful because it is just so clear and simple in its faith.

4) Ellen Olinger

For her support. Visit here to read some faith-filled poetry and maybe learn some more about Time of Singing.

5) Hollyanne

For her interesting and playfully insightful poetry, addressed to her ‘Mr. Right’

6) Zumpoems

A GREAT blog for any poet to follow- there’s original poems, fun poem prompts, challenges… it’s a nice place to stop by!


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